Monday, January 5, 2009

Charity Work is Big Business

Here are some interesting facts about the over 5,300 charities that Charity Navigator has rated.
  • In their most recent fiscal year, these charities generated approximately ­­$192 billion in total revenue. Total revenue generated by individual charities ranged from $6.28 billion (Harvard University), to $202,675 (Deputy Sheriffs' Fraternal Organization).
  • Of this $192 billion in total revenue, $155 billion came from the charities’ primary revenue sources. More than half of this primary revenue, some $89 billion, came from contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, and government grants. Another $65 billion came from program service revenue, fees and contracts, and only $1 billion came from membership dues.
  • These same organizations reported spending $158 billion. Roughly 87%, or $137 billion, of these expenses were reported as program expenses. Administration expenses accounted for 9%, or $14 billion, and fundraising expenses accounted for the final 4%, or $7 billion.