Thursday, June 30, 2011

From One, to Two, to Three Dimensions and Beyond!

Here’s a look at Charity Navigator’s past, present, future and beyond.

CN 1.0: In April 2002, Charity Navigator launches a website with a tool that rates the financial health of charities. Thus, CN 1.0 is born.

CN 2.0: During Q3 2011, Charity Navigator integrates the Accountability & Transparency data it has been collecting since 2010 into each charity’s star rating. Now Charity Navigator rates charities on two dimensions – (1) financial health, (2) accountability & transparency. This is when CN 2.0 comes to life. (Stay tuned for more information on this important step by following us on: facebook, twitter, this blog, our President & CEO’s blog or simply subscribe to our newsletter.)

CN 3.0: In the coming years, Charity Navigator captures results reporting data and then integrates it into its star rating system. At that point in time, Charity Navigator will be rating charities in three dimensions – (1) financial health, (2) accountability & transparency, (3) results reporting.

After CN 3.0, we will continue to hold fast to our core value of ‘continuous improvement’ working, ultimately, towards a rating system that measures outcomes.

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