Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tweet-A-Thon To Encourage Informed Giving

Do you use Twitter? Then how about giving us a shout-out? We kindly ask that you send out a tweet to encourage your followers to be informed donors this holiday giving season. Simple tweet one of these messages today, tomorrow or next week. Sending a tweet anytime between now and the New Year can help prevent your family/friends from making a giving blooper. More importantly, if we all think more about our giving, then together we can ensure that the best charities are on the receiving end of all of our holiday generosity!

1 million charities want your support. Use @CharityNav free #CharityRatings to find one you can trust

@CharityNav provides tips and 1000’s of  #CharityRatings so you can be an informed donor

Which orgs have the highest/ lowest #CharityRatings? @CharityNav has the answer

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