Monday, October 14, 2013

Charity Navigator Expands its A.P.I.

Our A.P.I., which offers a quick way to integrate charitable giving on websites and apps, has just been expanded to include all 1.6 million nonprofits. That's right! Not only does the A.P.I. allow developers to find data on nearly 7,000 rated charities, but also basic information on all U.S. nonprofits.


John George Arnott said...

Does Feeding America's children have 2 address's

my mailing has washington D.C.It is diferent than yours

Steven Caron said...

Occasionally, charities have a separate address for donations. This typically occurs with bigger charities with offices in different locations. In these cases, donation processing is often dealt with at a different office than their national office. This is the reason that there are two different addresses for Feeding America.