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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Visitors From a Faraway Land

Sign Translation "2014 NPO Study Abroad Program in America: Fundraising/ Marketing" 
Last week, members of the National Council of NPO Korea visited our office to learn more about the U.S. nonprofit sector and about Charity Navigator. The Council runs these study abroad visits annually to various countries (they went to the UK last year) to help its members learn and network. But this year they were especially interested in visiting us because they would like to establish an entity like Charity Navigator  in Korea to help their donors make more informed giving choices. We hope they succeed! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to Avoid Charity Scams

The last thing you want when giving to charity, is to get scammed! Watch this short video to learn how to avoid scams and ensure your money gets to the causes you want to support. Then share this video with your friends and family so they can learn how to be smart givers too.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Charity Navigator's 10th Annual Metro Market Study

This month, we published our 10th Metro Market Study. In this report, we analyze differences in the financial, accountability and transparency practices of charities located in various metropolitan markets across America.  We also determine if any differences exist in individual philanthropic communities from year to year.

In terms of their overall Financial Health and commitment to Accountability & Transparency, the study’s highest and lowest rated charitable communities are:

Highest Rated

Current Ranking
Previous Ranking
1)St. Louis1)San Diego
3)Cleveland3)Kansas City
4)Minneapolis/St. Paul4)Cincinnati
5)Pittsburgh5)San Francisco
Lowest Rated

Current Ranking
Previous Ranking
28)Colorado Springs28)Nashville
26)Tampa/St. Petersburg26)Miami

Visit our site, www.charitynavigator.org/metro, for a complete list of results by city.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Charity Navigator Hits the Streets of NYC!

Look at one of our staffers saw this weekend in NYC.

This is the first sighting of digital billboard ads we expect to run in the NYC area all summer. The ads are a donation to Charity Navigator by the outdoor advertising company,
Van Wagner Communications