Saturday, April 25, 2015

Nepal Earthquake Relief

Photo by SynergyByDesign

On April 25, 2015, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal about 50 miles from the nation's capital and largest city, Kathmandu. The quake destroyed buildings and left at least 1,500 dead. 

We know the heart wrenching images of the damage will inspire many people to want to help and that relief charities will be mounting a response to provide food, clothing, hygiene items, medicine and temporary housing to assist with the immediate aftereffects of this disaster. At this point in time, the following charities, with 3 or 4-star ratings, have indicated that they plan to assist in the relief efforts in some way:
But before you give to one of these charities, first decide what you want your donation to accomplish and select the charity offering that specific type of aid. To do this, simply use Charity Navigator's website to view a charity's rating page. Once you are satisfied with its rating, then you can jump to the charity’s website to learn more about the type of assistance the charity is providing in relation to this disaster. For more tips on giving in times of crisis, please review our Tips for Giving in Times of Crisis here.

In the coming days, charities will continue to assess the situation to determine how best to provide assistance. Once they make their plans public, we will update the list of charities responding.