Thursday, August 13, 2015

Announcing the Completion of Phase I of Results Reporting

As you may know, Charity Navigator has made a commitment to include Results Reporting metrics in our system for evaluating charities. We began collecting data towards that effort in 2013. And as of last month, our team of analysts collected Results Reporting data for over 3,000 charities! Given this significant sample size, our staff is excited to announce that we are ready to proceed with the next phase in our developmental approach to implementing Results Reporting - that is analyzing the data collected and reexamining our approach.

Users of our site will be happy to know that as a by-product of the work our team has done on Results Reporting, we are now able to provide additional data to those who seek out charities to support. Specifically, starting this month, each charity we rate has a new Program tab which displays a list of its largest programs.

Visit our site to learn more about our plans to enhance our rating system, the phases of Results Reporting implementation and to see an example of a new Program tab.  

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