Friday, July 8, 2016

How To Report Charity Fraud

If you suspect that a charity is engaged in unethical or unlawful activity, then we encourage you to report that information to the government authorities that are responsible for regulating nonprofits and to our CN Advisory Issuance Committee. 

Federal Level

At the federal level, nonprofit regulation resides in the hands of the IRS. The IRS website offers instructions for filing a complaint about a nonprofit by either:
State Level
At the state level, nonprofit regulation is the responsibility of the Attorney General or the Secretary of State. The National Association of State Charity Officials’ website provides links to many of the state offices that regulate charities.

Charity Navigator
We have a Committee that regularly reviews concerns about real and fake charities to determine if they belong on our CN Advisory list. You can submit issues about particular groups to the Committee by email. Please be prepared to provide credible, objective evidence to substantiate your concerns.

In addition, each rated charity on our site has a 'comment' tab where you can voice your concerns (or praise) about that charity. Please be sure to follow our posting guidelines.  

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