Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Charity Navigator Celebrates #WorldWaterDay

Charity Navigator Celebrates #WorldWaterDay
Today, Charity Navigator is celebrating #WorldWaterDay. World Water Day was recognized in 1993 by the United Nations and has been observed on the 22nd of March ever since. The day highlights the importance of sustainable management of freshwater and freshwater resources. World Water Day also draws attention to the millions who are impacted by lack of safe access to clean water and are existing with the effects of ingesting contaminated water. Two of the sixteen UN Sustainable Development Goals are concerned with water, which demonstrates just how crucial water is to eradicating extreme poverty. 

This year's World Water Day theme is, 'Why wastewater?' Wastewater is water used in our home, businesses, or as a part of manufacturing. Majority of wastewater goes back untreated into the environment, losing its usefulness and contaminating natural resources. You can help advance this theme by reducing and reusing your wastewater. It can be reused in your garden or to water your grass, for example.

Many charities have missions focused on the same goals as World Water Day. charity: water, a 4 star organization that works internationally, aims to bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Water for People, a 4-star organization, works to build strong relationships among the private sector, civil society, and government, which will ultimately serve as the collaborative network that sustains water and sanitation. Clean Water Fund helps people campaign for cleaner,safer water and protection from toxic pollution. Supporting one of these charities has the potential to make real progress clean water for all.

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