Friday, April 7, 2017

World Health Day 2017

Every year, April 7 marks World Health Day. This day was first established in 1950 to recognize global health issues. The WHO encourages regional, local, and international governments to organize events in which everyone can get involved. Each year, there is a different theme, and this year, the global health issue is revolving around depression.

Depression can affect anyone, at any age, of any race or religion. This disease can turn everyday tasks into daunting ones. Depression not only affects the individual suffering, but can drastically affect the lives of significant others, family members, and friends. The good news is that this disease can be prevented and treated if efforts are taken sooner, rather than later. Hopefully, the more people who are aware of the dangers of depression, there will be less of a stigma revolving around it.

If you would like to help in the efforts to combat this terrible disease, check out these top-rated organizations on our site: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, The Trevor Project, and The Jed Foundation.

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