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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Will Charities Benefit from the Tax Rebates?

Distribution of the federal tax rebates began last week. While, stores are offering all kinds of deals to get Americans to spend their rebates on consumer goods, charities are hoping you’ll donate your rebate.
What’s the probability that will occur?
According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll, the chances are pretty slim. Of those polled, most planned to save their rebate (32%), use it to pay off their bills (41%), or spend it (21%). Only 3% of the respondents expressed an interest in donating their rebate to charity.

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Unknown said...

I want to tell you about a wonderful organization in the San Francisco Bay Area called Foundation for the People of Burma. They do direct service, humanitarian aid with local Burmese staff and community-based partners. They have been on the ground since Sunday assessing, distributing rice and beans, water purification supplies and household materials to over 5000 people. Their website is www.foundationburma.org”

Kim and Josephs Remarkable Agency said...

The statistics about who might donate their rebate are interesting. And disappointing. These numbers can improve if compassionate and concerned folks make an effort. I'm a marketing professional who wanted to do something more than just donating my rebate. So I created a complete, ready-to-go ESP Donatinon Event Plan that anyone can use to stage publicity events that stimulate donations from the ESP rebates. The use of this plan also encourages others to take up the cause and stage events themselves.

It's a FREE download from my web site at www.jriden.com/ESPevent.html

I hope it inspires you to go an extra distance and help others join us. If enough people take this up, it will go viral when we reach a tipping point. If we only get 1% of the ESP budget into worthy causes that amounts to 1.5 billion dollars. Imagine how much good that could do!