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Friday, June 13, 2008

Charity News Roundup

In case you missed it, here are some of the charity headlines making news this week:
  • Many charities will feel the impact of the worsening economy over the coming months. These charities will gladly hear about a church initiative for people to donate 10% of their economic stimulus checks.
  • Celebrities are doing their part as well, with New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Pamela Anderson making donations to the causes close to their heart. A handwritten Harry Potter prequel garnered close to $50,000 at a charitable auction, while Anne Hathaway has received some attention regarding the investigation into her boyfriend’s charity.
  • A food pantry in New York City is using technology to show its clients the respect they deserve.
  • A recent contribution of Grateful Dead memorabilia has sparked the warning for donors to be careful before parting with their prized possessions, since, as a donor of a different kind recently found out, the donations can have unexpected consequences.
  • International aid has been promised to Afghanistan, amidst concern of corruption interfering, while Myanmar still does not trust aid coming from the United States.
  • Meanwhile, local organizations in the region struck by Hurricane Katrina are questioning FEMA regarding the $85 million in surplus in supplies that has not been handed out.
  • Finally, smaller foundations have gained in popularity recently, while an organization in Seattle is preparing the future generation of donors.

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