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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Paul Newman Is Even Greater Than You Already Thought

Paul Newman’s involvement in philanthropy through Newman’s Own is no secret. Paul Newman receives all the profits and royalties from Newman’s Own, Inc. and then makes personal contributions to charities of his choice. According to news sources, Newman has donated over $120 million to his Foundation between 2005 and 2006. While Paul Newman reportedly is fighting a courageous battle with lung cancer, we would like to focus your attention on some of the organizations rated by Charity Navigator that Mr. Newman is actively involved with. You can review them by clicking here.

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Unknown said...

I knew about 'The Hole In The Wall Gang,' thanks for the two others.

Anonymous said...

Paul Newman is one great guy. I met him on several occasions in the 80's when he lived in the Malibu Colony. This guy has gone about his life, not on the front page of every magazine promoting his charitable self, yet doing much behind the scenes. I watched him donate a huge sum of money to a drug prevention/awareness group in LA back then, having lost a child to addiction. Newman is the real deal. I hope he hangs around a lot longer, but he will go out the same way he lived his life. With class and dignity; something very hard to find in his industry. God speed Paul Newman. www.bobbyvassallo.org

Judy said...

Paul Newman is a true philanthropist. He has given to many, many charities over the years. I admire him so very much! God bless you, Paul Newman!