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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ten More Rules for Public Charity Work

This is the last in a series of three weeks of blog entries on what I think are some of the qualities of a good public charity. The first week I listed three suggested Core Values. The second week I listed the first ten rules for public charity career advancement, public charity operations and evaluating a CEO. Below is the grand finale!

11. Small is beautiful and a small organization usually gives you more latitude to be creative and learn a lot. Beware of large bureaucratic organizations where you become a cog in someone’s wheel. However, sometimes a mid-sized organization is better than a small one, in that you do not have to constantly worry about agency survival and too many tasks for too few hands!
12. Never bad mouth anyone. EVER! OK, at least try your best not to do it.
13. Some CEO’s are very selfish. They settle into their agency and become lifers at self-promotion and draining the public trough to line their pockets. Learn what you can and move on.
14. Do you see a CEO wise in their own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for them.* Learn what you can and move on.
15. Evil (unethical behavior) can prevail for a season, but eventually good prevails. That doesn’t mean you have to sit and take it, find a way to get the evil dealt with or move on.
16. The best team in the world can still fail, if the deck is stacked against you. Don’t take it personally if you’re dealt a bad hand. Pick yourself up and get back in the race.
17. A sense of humor is critical and that’s no joke, especially when the chips are down.
18. Question authority, but do it gently and in a collaborative, supportive way.
19. There are three core values that every CEO should strive to instill into the culture of their organization and they should nurture (move up) those staff who promote these values (see blog entry of August 13, 2008 for more details); A) a Client Centered Approach, B) a Team Model, and C) a Continuous Improvement Process.
20. You will never fully achieve the three core values, but you should continually strive to get better at them throughout your work life. That will “move up” the organization and you along with it!

* As per rule 14, I don’t presume to be wise, therefore take these rules with a grain of salt…..

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