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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Donor's Wish List

We recently received the following email from a Charity Navigator user, which mirrors many of the comments posted on our site. We’re sharing it here, as per the donor’s request, that we remind charities to respectfully promote their good works to potential donors rather than harass them with endless and expensive mailings.
“I wish you would recommend to all charities that they should include two opt-outs on their donation requests.
1. Do Not Send Gifts - It infuriates me to get labels, T-shirts, and other offers if I send more than x amount. I give to several charities and it really makes me uncomfortable that they are wasting my money on sending me items that I do not want. So I should be able to check an opt-out box. Particularly obnoxious are the ones that send nickels, to put those together must be very expensive. I have even had ones with a dollar bill inside.
2. Do Not Send Multiple Appeals - I am inundated with charitable mailings. I probably get a minimum of ten a day. This is ridiculous and a real waste of money. Charities should send no more than three, and if there’s no response, then they should take you off the list. I have written to a couple of charities asking to be removed from their list, but they still mail.
I think there are many donors who do not want their money spent on useless gifts or incessant mailings from charities they do not respond to.”

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Sandra Miniutti said...

Here's one reporter that's frustrated by all the charity mailings: http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2009/feb/19/farmer-file-charity-tricks-not-worth-dime/

keithneisler said...

In my work with one public radio station, we found that donors echoed those sentiments...lose the coffee cup and gain the respect of your donor!

Sandra Miniutti said...

The Chronicle of Philanthropy picked up this blog and has a conversation going on the topic here: http://philanthropy.com/news/prospecting/index.php?id=7184

Unknown said...

Here is a charity which gave up Direct Mail years ago, and grew rapidly as a result: SOS Children

Unknown said...

As a direct marketing agency and mailing list company that works with many non-profit organizations nationwide, we always encourage a robust discussion of perceptions when developing the creative for any given donor/gift campaign.

rcfontenot said...

It's no different than getting bombarded with daily emails from a marketer telling you "The First 100 people that buys and that's it." No more deal, but yet and still get emails everyday offering the product that was over 100 buyers ago. I understand. Than you

Unknown said...

Efficient use of charitable dollars by the donees is paramount to the donors!

Unknown said...

Efficiency of donated dollars is paramount to the donor base.