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Friday, March 6, 2009


A Father and Son team in Texas have started a website to help a local homeless man and bring more awareness to homelessness in general. The website offers people the opportunity to support Tim Edwards through direct donations. The creators of the site do not believe they are exploiting Tim but are helping him through a viral marketing campaign. Tim receives $100 per day to promote the site which displays some advertisements. The donations that are coming in are being held in a account which is being managed by a financial advisor and eventually will be made available to assist Tim. Currently, donations through this site are not tax deductible as the organization collecting the donations is not a 501 (c)(3) non-profit. For a list of Charity Navigator 4 Star rated 501 (C)(3) charities assisting the homeless go here. What are your thoughts on this story. Do you think that Tim is being exploited or do the ends (homelessness awareness) justify the means?

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Cheryl said...

I think that the end justifies the means. There are so many more people, just like Tim, that people are just unaware of. This could help bring more awareness to the homeless.
I am also homeless, along with being disabled. I am in the process of filing for disability, but that in itself takes, typically 2-3 years to get, in the meantime there are no programs, that I am aware of, to help until then. Never in a million would I have ever thought this could happen to me.
Good luck to you Tim & may God bless you.

M said...

Don't let PIMPTHISBUM.COM fool you. they are not what they seem. Check out the real deal on www.JOURNEYWITHJOHN.COM John attempted to obtain help from this PIMPTHISBUM.COM, you will see what happened in his videos on JOURNEYWITHJOHN.COM ....also in the live chat they had, they ban people at random and the site owner Sean Dolan describes some of the donors and chatters as mentally ill, although he is not a dr. It is a sick site.