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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Workplace Giving Predicted to Decline

We have mentioned the impact the economic crisis is having on charitable donations. However, what many people may not have taken into consideration is the effect that this will have on those organizations that rely on workplace giving campaigns for the majority of their donations. How can people possibly give via workplace campaigns if they are unemployed and thus not getting any paychecks to deduct from? While United Way of America has already predicted a 4%-6% decline in giving levels for 2009, many other organizations are bound to be impacted as well.

The national unemployment rate keeps rising (the 8.5% rate of March 2009 is 3.4% higher than the rate one year ago.), which makes it even more important for those participating in workplace giving campaigns, to make sure that donations are ending up with the right organizations. Charity Navigator’s Guide To Giving In The Workplace is a good resource to start, and, as always, our advanced search will let you easily search for organizations based on their mission, location, size and/or overall rating.

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