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Friday, May 29, 2009

1 Appeal, 2 Appeal, 3 Appeal… MORE!

This video examines an issue that many donors find especially irritating --- excessive and expensive appeals from charities. The short film includes 5 steps to help you cut down on the number of charitable solicitations you receive in the mail.

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Linda Sprankle said...

This is one of my pet peeves; so much so that I have written numerous letters to the charities. I have never received a response directly; however, I am pleased to note that the Salvation Army which previously would send 10-12 solicitations per year are now down to 2-3 for me. I think two requests/yr should be adequate; more than that is a waste of their (and by extension, my) money.

Unknown said...

I'm Liesa, and have given a few times to Appalachian Children Fund, and immediately got bombarded with2-3 mailings a month. On top of that, I am receiving first-time requests for money from NEW-to-me charities, which leads me to suspect my name is being "shared", sold ... certainly without my permission. This same scenario has happened severl times to me when I FIRST contributed to a new charity ... and I immediately get BOMBARDED by like-minded charities (i.e., ASPCA, and I get Nat'l Parks, Save the Earth, Western Wilds, or some such). Frankly, I'm this short of being "pee'd off". I too volunteer in a local charity that serves 39 countries, has existed for 33 years, and our project funds are 98-99%. We are volunteers, many professional, some retired, and I am in fundraising. It is hard work!!! However, the Appalachian Children charity needs to tighten its belt as too much money is on expenses, and no, the executive salary is not too high, comparatively speaking. Our "higher ups" don't come close, because we consider who comes first in the ratio: fundraiser or needy recipient? No contest! I am quite disinclined to give further to such high-expense charities and/or to those with more than a monthly mailing, and/or offering "goodies" in return for donations. I've sent letters to request less mailings to many charities (in many arenas), but it has not helped. So now, I shred the ones I don't respond to.