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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Operation False Charity Sweep

The Federal Trade Commission along with several state law enforcement officials are cracking down on telemarketers who falsely claim to be soliciting money on behalf of police, firefighters, and veterans charities via a campaign called “Operation False Charity.”

Caught up in the investigation, are three related 0-star charities:
Our own research shows that each of these charities spends less than 10% of its budget on its mission. In fact, in 2007 the Coalition Of Police And Sheriffs spent just 4.3% on programs!
For years, we’ve cautioned donors to be careful when giving to police, firefighters, and veterans charities. As such, we commend the FTC and its partners for investigating this issue and for their ongoing efforts to ensure that America’s charitable dollars reach the recipients that need them the most.
Just as we’ve included plenty of giving tips and guides on Charity Navigator’s website, you’ll also find helpful advice on the FTC’s “Avoid Charity Fraud” page.

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Unknown said...

You might also investigate "American Homeless Veterans". I have received numerous telemarketing calls from them. I have also received a printed brochure which has no financial information at all; a Google search results in nothing but complaints by people who have donated to them. They have no web site and no media archival material on their activities.

Anonymous said...

I just got a phone call (8pm PST) for a donation from Amer Homeless Vets. They wanted me to use a credit card. Told them to send me materials in the mail. They seem suspicious to me.