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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mashable Launches Social Media Fundraiser

Mashable, an on-line social media guide, has launched a summer-long event to benefit four well known charities. The fundraising drive, known as the Summer of Social Good, will be promoted exclusively through three top social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Mashable is collecting money for a pooled fund that will be divided evenly between The Humane Society, LIVESTRONG, Oxfam America, and the World Wildlife Fund by encouraging donations as well as asking fans to promote the cause on their own social media pages. Three of the four charities have earned our top, four-star rating.

The donations drive is the first initiative organized by Social Media for Social Good, which will act as an umbrella organization for charities using social media to promote their cause, according to their website, and is organized by Mashable. We’ve seen lots of creative social media fundraisers recently such as Twestival and Target’s Facebook competition. Be sure to visit the Summer of Social Good website by August 28th if you’d like to donate, or add a tweet or wall post to spread the word!

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1 comment:

Project 100 said...

Hello - I just wanted to comment on your blog posting about Mashable Launches Social Media Fundraiser. It’s great to hear how charity organizations are utilizing social media sites to help promote their causes. Social media sites drive a lot of traffic and I know charities will benefit greatly by taking on this new initiative. I’m involved with an organization called Project 100, which is gaining popularity in its efforts to give back to the community, therefore inspiring others to give. Over the course of the summer – 100 days to be exact, we’re giving away 100 dollars to 100 people at random in the metro Detroit area. The thinking behind this is to create a spark for change and overall positive momentum for the community. I invite you to check out our site at www.whatisproject100.com and see if this is something that you would be interested in blogging about?

We’ve linked up to your blog on our blog site because I know our readers will be interested in reading your posts about charity events going on around the country and inspire others to get involved. Our main goal is to continue to encourage positive aspects of giving and participating within the community.

Keep Up the Good Work,