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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tiger Woods Defends his Philanthropy

Former NFL great Jim Brown took on Tiger Woods saying he does not do enough when it comes to "social change." In a recent interview, Jim Brown stated that when it comes to "social change" Tiger woods is "terrible." Tiger rebutted the claim by pointing to the work of the Tiger Woods Foundation and how many kids the Foundation assists through grants and scholarships. How do you feel about this dust up? Do you believe that powerful celebrities should be held to a higher standard when it comes to their philanthropic activities?

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Anonymous said...

Jim Brown should be ashamed of himself. Unlike Tiger Wood's "track record", Jim Brown is a very unworthy critic. His on and off the field antics are awful. Hasn't he been alleged to be a "wife beater" and gun toting bully and more than once?
Some role model be he? Toddddd1.

Gena said...

It's not just about number of people served, but it is about the quality of the projects invested in and the effect of that investment.

I don't know much about either Jim Brown's or Tiger Woods' charitable activities, but one-upman-ship doesn't foster "social change" either.

I would also like to know how Jim Brown is defining social change?

Unknown said...

Jim Brown should mind his own business. He certainly is not the kind of individual I look up to.

Tiger Woods is first a gentleman, a good husband, a good Father. He is a role model that people can look up to. He is more than generous. He lives quietly and should be thanked for all that he does.

Lucius II

Anonymous said...

Tiger seems to do a fair amount. I don't have any problem with someone criticizing him. And he can then ignore their criticism or respond. I think that those who have been given a great amount by society should give back. But it is there option, if they don't want to, I think that is their choice. And if they want to focus elsewhere for now (and maybe focus on charity later) that is also their right.