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Friday, September 4, 2009

International Literacy Day

With the summer months slowly drawing to a close, and schools back in session almost all across the country, it is an important time to shine a light on literacy. Since UNESCO announced September 8 as International Literacy Day in 1965, this day has been used annually to highlight the continuing issues with the literacy rate all around the globe, including in the United States. According to UNESCO, one in five people around the world is not literate, two thirds of them women. People that are not literate lack basic reading and writing skills. Imagine for a second not being able to read the newspaper, or the note that your child brought home from school. Aside from enjoyment purposes, reading and writing skills are required in almost all daily tasks, from filling out job applications to reading street signs. The need for literacy skills is pervasive in society, and many people are at a standstill, unable to improve their position in life due to the lack of these skills.

At Charity Navigator, we rate the financial health of multiple organizations that focus on improving literacy. If you feel inclined to support an organization that aims to improve literacy within the United States, you are bound to find something that matches what you are looking for by clicking here. In addition, there are several organizations that are addressing this issue on an international level. You can access a list of them by clicking here. Lastly, this list focuses on organizations that provide access to books for all.

Of course, for those so inclined, information on how to support the 'financial literacy' that Charity Navigator provides its users for free can be found here.

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