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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baseball Playoffs - Round One

October is here and that means that Major League Baseball begins their playoffs. We thought it would be fun to see how cities where the matched up teams are from compare in terms of the charities located in those cities. We will use the data that was compiled during our last Metro Market Study. Three teams will be in action today and the other series begins Thursday.
American League (ALDS):
First, we have the Boston Red Sox going up against he Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Boston had less wins during the season but they are home to the higher rated charities. Charities in Boston have an overall median Charity Navigator (CN) score of 55.53 while those in Los Angeles have a median score of 53.23.
The other series in the American League will be the New York Yankees vs. the Minnesota Twins. Minnesota won an exciting tie-break game last night to get into the playoffs but it wins them a date today with the best team in the league. However, in the charity world although New York has the edge the numbers are pretty close. Charities in New York had an overall CN Score of 54.87 and those in Minneapolis/St. Paul had a score of 54.27. It will be interesting if the games end up being this close.
National League (NLDS):
Defending World Series Champions, the Philadelphia Phillies, will begin their repeat quest against the Colorado Rockies. The teams are only separated by one win in the standings and are separated by less than one point when it comes to CN charity score. Charities in Colorado Springs, CO have a median CN score of 54.16 and charities in Philadelphia come in at 53.30.
The other series in the National League will have the St. Louis Cardinals vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers were the better team in the regular season but when it comes to charities, St. Louis takes the matchup. Charities in St. Louis had a median CN score of 53.53, while the Los Angeles charities score was 53.23.

For more city by city comparisons, please see our Metro Market Study here. Enjoy the baseball playoffs!

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1 comment:

Sandra said...

What a great way to put up comparative data and spur thinking - - and let the games begin.