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Friday, March 5, 2010

New Study On Text Donations

Before the earthquake in Haiti, total giving via texting stood at just $1 million. People didn't seem to be adopting to this new way of donation. But Haiti may be the game changer. Already, donors have given more than $50 million via texting to support Haiti relief efforts.
Now a new study by Convio, Edge Research and Sea Change Strategies takes a closer look at who gave via texting for Haiti and why. About 1500 donors responded to the online survey. Not surprisingly, the survey found that younger people were more likely to make a text donation. And like our quick poll, it found that this application might be best suited for crisis giving.
Here's a snapshot of the findings:
  • 77% knew that they could donate via texting to support Haiti relief work

  • 17% of Gen Y & 14% of Gen X donated to Haiti via texting

  • 3% of both Boomer and Mature donated via texting

  • 36% of all respondents would consider texting a donation after a crisis

  • 31% would text a donation if a friend was raising money for a charity

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1 comment:

Margaret, or is it Maggie? said...

We looked into text donations following the crisis in Haiti, and discovered that it would cost too much for us. If it weren't so expensive, and the right message could be created to prompt folks to give that way (when we've just begun to get online donations moving), perhaps we'd be able to offer that option.