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Thursday, June 17, 2010

AG Investigates Car Donation Industry

This week, New York’s Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, announced an investigation into the car donation industry (this includes fundraisers, individuals and charities). His office says that it has uncovered “fraudulent practices that deceived donors and diverted funds from those in need.”

We’ve had concerns about this industry for many years and have always recommended that donors bypass the middlemen and donate their vehicles directly to financially efficient charities that have proof of their programmatic accomplishments. As such, we commend the AG for taking steps to protect donors and to ensure that New Yorkers’ charitable dollars reach the recipients that need them the most.
Here’s a list of the organizations being investigated:
Bless the Kids, Hewlett
Hope for the Disabled Kids Inc., Ozone Park
2-star J.O.Y. for our Youth, Inc. d/b/a Kars 4 Kids, N.J.
Tree of Life, Brooklyn
LeChaim Society, Brooklyn
0-star Heritage for the Blind, Brooklyn
Children in Crises, N.J.
Breast Cancer Society, Ariz.
Children's Cancer Fund of America Inc., Powell, Tenn.
Children's Literacy Program, Westminster, Md.

We Buy Cars Inc., Bellerose Village
Cars that Help, Staten Island
Louis Cardillo, Bellerose Village
Arthur Glass, Staten Island
If you are considering donating a vehicle, be sure to check out our tips and keep in mind that the IRS is scrutinizing such donations.

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Unknown said...

I have been reading about this and am frankly quite outraged by this.

These people have been ripping off the charities that rely on them and the people who give in good faith.

I hope the law is harsh if they are convicted.

Unknown said...

It is sad to see the level of depravity that some people sink to in order to make money. Preying on people's sympathies by letting them think they are donating their car to charity is definitely something that should not be allowed, unless the money is actually going to charity. This is especially true in regard to children's charity, as many people are especially sensitive to helping children in need.