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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday's Movie - Associated Community Services Telemarketing Calls for Charity

This report, by WXYZ-TV, highlights the inefficiency of for-profit telemarketers and reminds you to HANG UP THE PHONE when they call asking for a donation. Some of the charities this particular firm, Associated Community Services, fundraises for include:
Many of these same charities can be found on our Top 10 list of Charities Overpaying their For-Profit Fundraisers.

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Elemints said...

I used to work for ACS (Associated Community Services at their acs 29777 Telegraph Rd Suite 3000 office in Southfield, MI 48034 for 3 years and I totally agree with this Channel 7 News story.

I just also wanted to add that a large portion of charities AC Services raises money for is located right in their own backyard. Their lagest Veterans chartiy, Foundation for American Veterans is located only one city over - less than 5 miles away! It is my opinion that there is most likely a large conflict of interest here.

In addition, 50-90% of the money GIVEN to the charity is used for administrative costs for the charity to operate. So, if 25% went to FAV, the actual veterans receive a grand total of around 3-12% the money given by people.

E Krenik said...

This "charity" also violates the law harassing people who repeatedly ask them to stop calling. I have received SIX calls in the past 24 hours! They block their number each time. One hour after asking them to stop, they called right back! They also have violated the law by calling before 9 am!

Unknown said...

AC Services are suspect, and not to be trusted. They're rude when you ask questions, they'll get an attitude and hang up on you. It's amazing they keep trying when it's obvious I'm onto them.

Unknown said...

These people started calling me approx. a week ago for a donation under the name childrens cancer foundation told them I had no money and the woman on the phone kept insisting I could donate something.When I finally said I was hanging up she transferred me to a "supervisor".I hung up the phone.I received another call from them a few days later at approx. 7:30 p.m.A woman asked me if she could speak with "the woman" of the house.I politely so no and please don't call again and hung up.I received another call the next day but missed the phone.I called the number back which went to a voice mail.I left a message stating who I was and my number and told them if they called again I would report them to the FCC.The next day,today,which is Saturday I received a call from different 877 number at 9 a.m.I missed the call and when I called back I got another recorded message telling me they were from the childrens hair loss foundation.I got their office number from the BBB and called and when I asked to speak to a supervisor about harassing calls the woman was very rude and hung up'They are harassing me with different numbers and recorded messages,this is unbelievable.I am reporting them to the BBB as well as the FCC and Attorney Generals office.When I looked this company up online all I find is horror stories about the people they harass and money they stael from charities.These people need to be stopped.

bigjay313 said...

I use to work for this company and they are the largest fundraising company in the US. The charities they help are plentiful. So if they give a small portion to Charities it is more than million dollar corporation do. So please help and stop complaining.

Anonymous said...

Just advise them you are recording the call, click!

Jan said...

Nothing stops this company from calling...If you ever gave money you will now have your name recirculated to another charity..It never ends. No matter how many times I tell them not to call it won't stop....The charities they help? They are making so much money by doing all these charities the charities themselves don't get half the money collected...wth