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Friday, March 11, 2011

How to Help the Victims of the Japan Quake & Tsunami

Please visit our site for a list of charities that are working to provide relief to the victims in Japan. There you will also find tips to help you make the most of your donation.

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Anonymous said...

Japanese; a proud, strong people who, unlike so many other country/cultures.... do not expect or demand help and are willing to "do it" themselves!!!!!

Not all cultures are equal despite white the brainwashed politically correct spew.

I have visited Japan for a few first-hand peeks and was impressed at what I observed and experienced.

I also devoted a lot of reading and research time delving into Japan; past, present and predictions of its future.

If only it was Japanese culture invading the USA as the cultures to our south are doing!!!!!!!!

That would be boon to the USA vice a net burden.

As Charity Navigator recommends, check into a charity before giving but, if possible, I heartily endorse all who read this to donate what they can afford to a strong, brave people oh so willing to roll up those shirt sleeves and get to work.... without expecting or demanding others to "get to it."!!!!!

Unknown said...

How come these charity organizations CEOs are making like 300k a year? Even the profit org's CEOs in Japan won't make that much. I was just so surprised!

Unknown said...

obbop do you really think this is a good forum to take a cheap shot at the "cultures to our south"? Please focus on helping the people in Japan get thru this horrible disaster.