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Monday, January 9, 2012

Haiti - 2 Years Later

Two years ago, on January 12th, a powerful earthquake hit Haiti. The quake left approximately 3 million people in need of emergency aid and destroyed or damaged more than 300,000 homes. Americans responded generously to this disaster. So generously, in fact, that one poll reported that half of American households had donated to Haiti relief efforts.

 At the time of the earthquake Charity Navigator’s staff compiled a list of tips and charities responding to help Americans be generous and smart about their giving. A year later, we published a special report that took at look at how the money was spent and included the results of a donor survey, a roundtable discussion with leaders of charities that responded and a list of relevant facts & figures.

As we now approach the two year anniversary of the quake, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, is reporting that “Most Money Raised for Haiti Recovery Has Been Spent, but Needs Continue.” Their survey of 60 charities shows that together they raised $2.1 billion. And 15 of 53 that provided details said that they’ve spent all the money already or they had less than $200k left. But by most accounts, the need is still great in Haiti and many are seeking additional funding to continue their work.
So if you gave initially in 2010 right after the earthquake, then now is a good time to check back in with the charity. Find out what the charity been able to accomplish. If you like what you hear and the charity says it has ongoing needs, then consider making a follow-up donation to support hose ongoing efforts.

Photo: Global Aid Network distributes aid in a Haitian IDP camp. 

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