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Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega Millions For Charity?

With $640 million up for the grabs, tonight’s Mega Million drawing is being called the biggest ever. Although my chances of winning are slim (apparently I’m more likely to die from being crushed by a vending machine, which would be odd since I don’t even eat food from those machines), I admit I’m in it to win it. In fact, a bunch of us in the office went in on some tickets together. And we’ve spent some of our time today discussing how we’d spend that money if we won. We quickly determined that there is an infinite number of fun and frivolous things to spend our winnings on. 

But each of us would allocate a good portion to charity. For me, I’d start with a contribution to Charity Navigator. In case you didn’t know, Charity Navigator is itself a charity and a couple million dollars sure could go far in helping us rate more charities and provide more analysis on each of them. After Charity Navigator I have some other favorite charities that I’d want to support. 

 So, what about you? Would you allocate some of your windfall to charity? If so, how much? And to which charities or causes?

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1 comment:

Danbo said...

I would help my family of course. I wouldn't limit that to my immediate family, although they wouldn't have to stress over hard financial times anymore. I would want to make a major impact on several things and the main one that comes to mind is the homeless in the USA. Someone needs to help them and I'd love my chance to really make a difference. I have been unemployed for to long, so the last thing I would want is retirement. I would invest a small part of it in some ideas and maybe even work in my own organization for the homeless rather than just a large donation. I have ideas that would help and would make the most of each dollar. I would start things I knew would keep profit coming in to continue to help those in need, rather than just a donation. Hopefully something that ends homelessness for good. I don't want to be rich, I want to make a difference. It would be nice not to have the worries I've had the past years of unemployment, but I would be the one that got the least from my winnings, that's for certain.