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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monitoring the Long Term Performance of Charities

Since launching our site in 2002, our team of professional analysts has completed and published tens of thousands of ratings --- making us the largest charity rating service in the world!

Reviewing the wealth of historical data we've collected, it is apparent that there are far more charities committed to accountability & transparency as well as financial excellence than there are charities with unethical and inefficient operations. Most of the charities we currently rate have either a 3-star or 4-star overall rating. Only 2% have either a 0-star rating or a Donor Advisory.

Keeping in mind that the average charity in our database has received 8 ratings, with 15 being the maximum number of evaluations a single charity has received, let's look at how many charities have had consecutive 4-star ratings .

Charities with Consecutive 4-Star Ratings

  • 442 have earned two consecutive 4-star ratings
  • 162 have earned three
  • 104 have earned four
  • 86 have earned five
  • 52 have earned six
  • 35 have earned seven
  • 27 have earned eight
  • 19 have earned nine
  • 20 have earned ten
  • 16 have earned eleven
  • 1 has earned twelve (Can you guess which one? We’ll reveal the answer in tomorrow’s blog)
Accessing Historical Data

How can you find out if your charity has a track record of consecutive 4-stars? Simply click on the “Historical Data” tab found on the charity’s page on our site. That will reveal an overview of the charity’s past performance. And by clicking on the “View detailed side-by-side” link you can pull up detailed data on the charity’s prior ratings. (Note: You must be a registered user of our site to access the historical information, but registration is 100% free and just takes a few minutes to complete.)

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