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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

On yesterday’s blog post, we asked if you could answer some of the frequently asked questions we get at Charity Navigator. Here are the answers.
  1. Does Charity Navigator charge charities to be rated?
    Nope. Not one cent.
    We have never charged charities to be evaluated, ensuring that you can trust the data we deliver. Furthermore, for those charities that receive our highest rating, we have never charged them a fee to access and use our 4-star logos.
  1. Where do you look on a charity’s ratings page to find out how much the charity spends on its programs/ services?
    Each of our charity ratings pages displays the amount the charity spends on its programs/ services. Check our previous blog on this topic to better understand how to find this information.

  2. How can I add a charity to ‘My Charities?’
    Once you log into the site, you can add charities directly from the search results (click on the “Add to My Charities” link underneath the charity’s listing in the results) or on a specific charity’s ratings page (click on the “Add to My Charities” link in the left-hand column under the ‘Donate Now’ and ‘Write a Review’ buttons).
  1. Is Charity Navigator taking requests to rate new charities?
    At this moment, we are unable to accept suggestions from donors or from the charities themselves. Later this year, we plan to add a tool that will allow registered users of the site (registration is free) to suggest that we rate specific charities.

  2. How can I find a list of charities that Support the Troops?
    In the Hot Topics section of our site, you’ll find lists of charities that pertain to current events, such as those that Support the Troops. You can also use our Advanced Search Tool to quickly identify charities that match your philanthropic passion.
You can find answers to other FAQs for Donors and for Charities on our site. The recording of our webinar also provides guidance on using our site.

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