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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Inflate your tires...support a Charity?

This one was a first for us here at Charity Navigator.....a gas station air pump that claims some of the proceeds from the machine will go to a charity.  We recently got word of vending machines being used as a fundraising tool so I guess why not a gas station air pump?  The sign had no details on the arrangement with the charity, specifically how much of the $1 paid for inflating your tires goes to Feed My Starving Children.  Never the less, it is a new fundraising technique that we wanted to share.

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Zylstra said...

When my tire went flat and I discovered that my spare had apparently gone low since Winter when I checked it, the LAST thing I needed was to be REQUIRED to have a dollar with me to "donate" to get air at a gas station.

Not only does this make air inaccessible to those who might not have the change at the moment who NEED it, but it will also hinder drivers from keeping the appropriate amount of air in their tires -- something safer for all of us.

Further, a donation is something where one gives freely. This was a sale. No ifs, ands, or buts. Apparently the city I was in requires gas stations to have these "donation" boxes. I seriously wonder who lobbied them to make that decision.

Unknown said...

We have one where I work and the option for free air is always available during business hours, but if you want to donate you can.

Unknown said...

I am sitting in front on one of these "donation" pumps. The price is $1.50 or $1.75 if you use a credit card. I give to charities often but not as a requirement and especially when I don't know who really benefits. I will come back to Charity Navigator later for more info.