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Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Raining Nonprofits

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Can you guess how many charities are currently registered with the IRS? I bet you didn't think it was over one million!

As of the end of 2012, there were 1,081,891 charities(501(c)(3)’s) in the United States. Based on the July 2012 Census figures, the population is 313, 914,040. This translates to about 1 charity for every 290 citizens. This does not include other tax exempt groups that bring this total up to 1,614,762.  In other words, 1 tax exempt organization for every 194 people. This begs the question: Is it too easy to set up a nonprofit?

While everyone wants to do good, we must ask ourselves whether less may be more.

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Unknown said...

The National Center for Charitable Statistics reports Total Revenue for registered nonprofits in the USA. There should be a special "Hobby" category for nonprofits who have revenue of less than $10K per year, not including Trusts.

Anonymous said...

Is the increase in non profits the reason IRS is investigating because some of them are partially political?

Leroy said...

It's time to consider that all non-profits should not be allowed to pay anyone more money than the president of the U.S. gets. If they can't live on his pay they need to get into the private sector and try and go one on one with the Bill Gates and some kid who invented facebook. Bill Gates isn't that big, try him out if you want to rule the planet. Greed and non-profits are now walking hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

Not one penny from our Foundation goes to anyone on the board. Not one penny is spent on anything but the Charity. We pay our own travel expenses and our own hotel expenses. Our accountant donates her time to us bills so do not judge non-profits in the same way.

Unknown said...

This data should be publicized widely during the current IRS scandal. The 501's causing the fury (C 4) only have to be groups primarily doing social work. The term 'Tea Party' is so political it seems obvious that they would be IRS targets - what is their charity work?

Unknown said...

WHY doesn't gfaigen say what their "Charity" is? To quote IRS law 501(c)(4)you "should submit evidence ... that your organization will operate primarily to further the common good and general welfare of the community" Preaching bias and promoting the Right wing just doesn't fit!

Anonymous said...

It is a private Family Foundation that supports "last chance children" (straight out of the juvenile justice system called See Forever and a place for abused children called Child Help, and donates scholarships for others to go to go to college. You can look these up - they are wonderful and successful. I do not publish our name as we do not want to receive questions from massage people or others that do not make a difference in this world. I am a Liberal so I do not know what you refer to when you tell me I support the right wing - I am totally the opposite. Education and child care are my values for donations.