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Friday, July 31, 2015

Nepal Update: Where'd the Money Go?

On April 25, 2015, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, killing thousands, and injuring or displacing thousands more.

Many nonprofit organizations responded immediately to the disaster, providing aid in the form of food, clothing, medical supplies, shelter, and other necessities. Several of these organizations provided a way for donors to designate their gifts so that they would be used only to provide aid to Nepal. But how can a donor be sure that their designated gift led to meaningful results for those affected by the earthquake?

Direct Relief, an international humanitarian relief organization, recently provided an answer to this question by posting a three-month progress update on their efforts in Nepal. This report breaks down in detail how Direct Relief accounted for designated funds, what those funds were used for, and how much progress Direct Relief has made in assisting people in Nepal affected by the earthquake.

According to the report, Direct Relief received $5,508,005 in Nepalese-designated donations. 49% of this money was spent on immediate needs in the aftermath of the earthquake, including the delivery of crucial medical supplies and equipment, and the support of essential services via grants to local groups and organizations. The remaining funds are being used by:
  • providing medical resources to under-served areas.
  • supporting long-term medical and rehabilitation services for earthquake survivors.
  • rebuilding, repairing, and re-equipping health centers in high risk areas.
In our Tips For Giving in Times of Crisis, we note that it is important for donors to keep tabs on what their donation is accomplishing by checking back a few months after the initial disaster response. Charity Navigator applauds Direct Relief's efforts in this regard. By publishing this report, Direct Relief shows that it is committed to transparency and results in their efforts abroad, and to making sure donors have the information they need to be informed givers during a crisis.

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JBN said...

Catholic Relief Services also emailed an update.

Steven S said...

We observe limited transparency with World Vision. Locals in Nepal were unable to make contact with World Vision and no contact happened even when active Internet and phone accounts were provided. All contacts with World Vision stateside were replied to with solicitations although they asked for specifics of WV actions in Nepal none were provided.