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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Annual Report on Charitable Solicitations in Colorado for the Year 2015

Secretary of State Wayne Williams of Colorado recently released a report on Charitable Solicitations in his state. The 28 page report provides an overview of what his role is in the regulation of charities and their fundraising behavior. It also outlines best practices and tips for both charities and donors. 

The data in this report speaks to the progress made due to Colorado’s effort to better their philanthropic sector. Approximately $79.7 billion dollars were donated to Colorado’s charities in 2015. Overall, these charities are growing at a rate of about 7% over the past three years and they allocate, on average, 84% of their spending to programs. Of the 12,794 charities registered in Colorado, only 2% use paid solicitors. This number being so low is excellent because we often see inefficiencies in the way these outside firms fundraise. 81% of net proceeds made through paid solicitors went to the charity, however, when you remove two high-dollar campaigns, the overall percentage to the charity drops to only 37.9%!

Charity Navigator was recommended as one of the premier sources of Industry Standards for Accountability and Transparency. Referring to us, the report reads, “The site is a valuable source of data on charities and includes detailed discussions about how to rate charities and measure their impact.”

Currently, over 70 of Coloradan charities we rate have earned a 4-star rating. From the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, to the First Nations Development Institute, to Water for People, many of Colorado’s charities are financially healthy and transparent with their constituents!
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