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Monday, April 25, 2016

Millions Making A Difference


One of the largest natural disasters in recent memory, being the Nepal earthquake, is now approximately a year into its recovery. Thousands were killed and injured, in addition to almost half a million people losing their homes as a result of the series of earthquakes. Overall, about 8 million people were affected by the tragedy that left Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, in turmoil and devastation. Since this time last year, 330 humanitarian agencies have launched 2,200 various programs and services to assist the people of Nepal.

After a tragedy of such magnitude, many people around the world become eager to give a helping hand by donating to charities. However, with so many charities providing relief efforts, a common area of uncertainty becomes “where and how would my money have the most impact?”.

Our goal as America’s leading charity evaluator, has always been to guide intelligent giving in all aspects. Holding true to our mission, when the quake hit last year, we published giving tips and a variety of high-rated charities who provided assistance to Nepal. One of the useful tips that we gave, was to follow up in the upcoming months after the earthquake, for the purpose of seeing how donations were put to use.

For the benefit donors who wanted to know the impact their money had, and charities who wanted to report their results, we produced a report entitled “Nepal Earthquake: One Year Later.” This report consists of responses from 35 charities who have been providing assistance to Nepal over the past year. Some highlighted data from this report are:

  • Donations: These charities reported that they received a total of $230.7 million in donations to support their Nepal earthquake response.
  • Collaborative Efforts: 34 out of 35 charities reported that they collaborated with another charity and/or organization while providing relief in Nepal.
  • Range of philanthropic responses: These charities engaged in a variety of charitable activities in Nepal including reconstruction of homes and schools, building orphanages, providing medical supplies and eye care, delivering food and water, mental health care, and more.
With the prevalence of programs and services in Nepal, it is easy for some to lose sight of the fact that there is still an immense amount of assistance needed in Nepal to improve their conditions. Of the 35 charities who submitted responses, 28 of them are still accepting donations towards their relief efforts in Nepal.

With this report, we look for donors to have a complete breakdown and understanding of how their funds have been used for Nepal’s recovery up to this point. Check out our report now to learn more about how each charity responded and if they need additional support from donors to continue their work in Nepal.

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