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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

0-Star Charity the Focus of a CNN Investigative Report

In this report, CNN's David Fitzpatrick and Drew Griffin investigate the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation. Among the red flags that stand out about this 'charity' are the following:
  • It has consistently rated 0-stars in Charity Navigator's rating system.
  • The organization spends only about 10% of its budget annually on its charitable mission.
  • A number of important items under our Accountability & Transparency rating metrics are missing including:
  • Of the $8.6 million in gross receipts collected by the professional fundraisers hired by the organization, only $900,000 made it back to the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation. That's just 10.5%! This should serve as another clear reminder to donors that they should never give over the phone as these for-profit telemarketing firms often keep a substantial part of your donation.
  • A total of at least $16,000 was given to the President's brother, William H. Burch as 'emergency assistance.' It wasn't reported as a loan and there is no indication that William is required to repay it.
If you are passionate about helping veterans, then you should know there are plenty of charities worthy of your support. Simply go to our website to access a list of charities that support veterans and active duty servicemembers - all of which have been vetted by our team of expert analysts. You can feel good about supporting any of the charities we rate highly.

Update: On May 17, 2016, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) sent a letter to Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald asking for the resignation of J. Thomas Burch, the Deputy Director in the Office of the General Counsel at the VA, head of the 0-star National Vietnam Veterans Foundation (NVVF). 

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Unknown said...

I dont comment much, but this really burns me up. Alot of us give the little we have an just trust that since its a charity that their good people and honest. I hate to say it, but the world is just so full of money hungry vultures. I love this article exposing whats really going on. I fell upon your site by accident, and I love it! Now this is the kind of things people need to be aware of, Im telling everyone I know, which arent many. But its a start. Im sure if people truly knew what their money was being spent on ,not only would they be surprised,but would hopefully do a lot more research on the charities they donate to.

Unknown said...

It would be my hope that Congressman Jones will receive a positive response to his letter sent to Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald. He has requested the resignation of J. Thomas Burch, the Deputy Director in the office of the General Counsel at the VA. This man is the head of the National Vietnam Veteran's Foundation (NVVF), which has received a zero star rating from Charity Navigator.

For Heaven's sake, in addition to everything else, this man has LOANED a bunch of the charity's money to his brother, with no payback required! He is clearly a loose cannon who is scamming veterans, and he must be stopped!

If Mr. Burch is not let go, I would doubt Secretary McDonald's commitment to doing right by veterans, because he Burch is such an obvious cheat and thief. Why WOULDN'T McDonald get him to resign, or, if he won't, then to fire him? Answers are needed!

I hope this action will happen SOON!

Red Car said...

Not everyone pays attention so your service is a valuable one. The National Vietnam Veterans Foundation is an example of the worst kind of "charity". It has long been nothing but a political operation (guess which part of the political spectrum it supports). It is not alone. I am a Vietnam veteran and we have been exceedingly ill served by the so-called Vietnam veterans' organizations that sprang up after the Vietnam War and have continued to this day. Many (most?) are political organizations trying to build a victim constituency for largely political purposes. I rank them with the posers who used to hang around the Vietnam War Memorial wearing "boony hats" and vests full of patches, etc. The few that were actual veterans (darn few) were mostly a bunch of malcontents who gave real Vietnam veterans a bad name (but they were the darlings of the media). The NVVF fits right in with them and anyone who gives them money probably didn't do their homework.