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Friday, September 9, 2016

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

The month of September routinely means a fresh start for many of us around the world. Whether it be salvaging the last of summer vacation, preparing you and your family for school, or anticipating the oncoming of a new season, the pace of life takes on a change in need of accommodation.

Unfortunately, every year there are millions of families that hang onto what “was” as a result of the loss of loved ones due to the taking of their own lives. Every September, we recognize and bring awareness to the trials and tribulations of the growing issue of suicide that plague our society, via National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

According to WHO, about one million people die per year due to suicide. It is the 3rd leading cause of death in the world for people between the ages 15 and 44, with an estimated one person being a victim of suicide, every 40 seconds. People suffering from the likes of mental disorders, depression, anxiety, addiction, and other conditions, put them at greater risk for suicide. The most telling statistic pertaining to victims of suicide is that over 90 percent of them have a diagnosable mental disorder.

Empathy goes an extremely long way in the fight to improve the conditions of our society for those in need. National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month is designed to promote the use of resources and awareness regarding suicide prevention, in addition to opening up the importance of honest communication without triggering risk of harm. On September 10th, we observe National Suicide Prevention Day to reach out to those affected by suicide with the purpose of raising awareness and keeping at-risk individuals connected to their resources and treatment service options.

If you or anyone that you know is at suicidal risk, in crisis, wants to talk about their suicidal thoughts, or is in an emergency, make sure to call the National Suicide Hotline and they will be connected to a counselor at a crisis center within the area, 24/7. For those who are interested in supporting a charity engaged in suicide prevention, then check out the 4-star rated American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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