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Friday, October 7, 2016

Say No To Solicitors

Here at Charity Navigator, we understand the importance of choosing to donate your hard earned dollars to causes in which you are passionate about. In 2015, charitable giving totaled approximately $373 billion, two thirds of which was accredited to individual giving. However, with each of the past six years reflecting increases in total charitable giving, this unfortunately presents more opportunity for scammers to attempt to solicit funds from donors.

Often times, scammers are looking to steal not just your money, but credit card, and personal information. We have outlined a number of ways to protect yourself from online scams, but those are only some of the ways to shield your valuable donations from unwarranted solicitations. We also heavily recommend that donors refrain from giving in person, or over the phone.

Just recently in Oklahoma City, a local animal rescue organization has warned residents about potentially bogus group soliciting door-to-door. Also, beware of phone calls from anyone claiming to represent “organizations” raising funds for various causes. These solicitors may request that you donate to them, telling you that they will benefit a local organization. We recommend that you do not entertain these phone calls, and that you go about your due diligence before donating to anyone.

Protecting yourself from scams and solicitors, whether it be online, via telephone, by mail, or in person, requires a great deal of knowledge, caution, and awareness. It is imperative that you spend your time researching any organization in which you plan to donate. Making certain that any charity receiving your donations is credible from an organizational, and financial standpoint, will assist you in delegating your funds to the best of your interest.

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