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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What are YOU Thankful For ?

In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated every fourth Thursday of the month, and is also widely recognized as one of America’s favorite holidays. This comes as no surprise due to the record amounts of consumption that the statistics show on a yearly basis. The average human consumes 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving, and over 280 million turkeys are sold on average per year (1/6th solely for Thanksgiving). As Thanksgiving is a few short days away from us, many use this time to show their gratefulness and selflessness, by positively giving to society. For some, this may mean volunteering their time to a local food bank to feed the homeless, while others donate food and money to organizations that benefit those in need.

Thanksgiving comes with smiles, conversations, and overall thankfulness for all of life’s blessings. With that being said, it is also understood that many people are not fortunate enough to reap the blessings often associated with the anticipated holiday. With volunteerism being a staple of our society, this season is a great opportunity for Americans to serve those in need in addition to serving one’s self.

With over 42 million Americans suffering from hunger all over the world, Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to help someone celebrate the holiday centered around food, with their family. Generosity becomes very reflective during this time of year, and more impactful than just the tangible results of giving, is the hope you give to those you touch. Another way to positively impact global society and sustainability, is by limiting the amount of food that you waste during this time. It is estimated that about $277 million worth of turkey meat alone will go to waste this Thanksgiving. Some suggestions to cut down the squandering of food can be by being cognizant of proper allocation of portions, planning for leftovers, or even choosing to give food away to people before you give it to the garbage.

Contributing to your community is not limited to just volunteering, but can be done by thinking of creative campaigns that encouraging calls to action for peers, donating money or food to local organizations, and countless other proactive efforts. Let's use this time to be grateful, inspired, and generous in our giving back. For those who would like to give back, please make sure to use our advanced search tool to find a charity to support and/or donate to via our Giving Basket.

Last but certainly not least, from us here at Charity Navigator, we would like to wish all of our users a Happy Thanksgiving!

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