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Friday, July 7, 2017

Charity Navigator Analyst Interview: Zachary Weinsteiger

Zach Weinsteiger, Associate Program Analyst
Zach Weinsteiger, Associate Program Analyst
Charity Navigator

It's finally #FriYay, and we're celebrating by introducing you to one of Charity Navigator's analysts, Zach Weinsteiger. Zach is an Associate Program Analyst, which means he's in charge of a certain section of charities rated by Charity Navigator. We asked him a few questions about what makes the #workworthdoing.

What's your favorite animal video?

Anything with a Red Panda is pretty great.

What's the best part of working at Charity Navigator?
I love collaborating with my coworkers. We have a staff made up of some of the nicest and most intelligent people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

What's the best question about Charity Navigator that you’ve ever gotten?
I’m always happy to meet people who are genuinely interested in gaining a more detailed understanding of the nonprofit sector. When given the resources, people are excited to increase their understanding and that brings a great sense of meaning to the work that I do on a daily basis.

What you love most about your role at Charity Navigator?
As a nerd, I really enjoy doing the financial analysis portion of our ratings. It feels good to be able to highlight organizations that are doing exceptional work, and the positive feedback we receive from our users reminds me that the resources we provide have a very real impact.

Favorite office memory?
No one achieves anything alone.
My favorite office memory has to be working on our recent office redesign. We got to spend a day dismantling, building, and positioning desks, furniture, tech, etc… Overall, it was a great day to spend working with my coworkers in a different way.

Charity set that you’re most passionate about and why?
I'm made of wax, Larry
I love working with museums. I’m an avid museum-goer, and getting to see the programs and exhibits offered by museums we rate is fascinating. I’m also a fan of the arts, so seeing productions being put on by the various performing arts organizations is inspiring. My favorite is when I saw an organization putting on an original vampire-themed musical.

One thing you wish people knew about the charitable sector/non-profits?
I’d love to see people becoming more aware of the fantastic work that organizations are doing on a daily basis, outside of the ubiquitous big name charities. There are so many individuals doing incredible work. Donors should be aware of how many unique organizations they can support. Charity Navigator informs users in order to reach even wider audiences and highlight more charities moving forward.

Where do you see Charity Navigator in 5 years?
I see the organization growing and producing even better evaluations and educational content for donors. We have an ambitious plan ahead of us, and I truly believe that we will be able to expand both the depth and reach of the information we provide.

Secret skill you have that no one knows about?
I needlefelt to de-stress. Needlefelting is a technique in which you can sculpt figures out of wool by stabbing it repeatedly with special needles that enmesh the fibers of the wool and cause it to become solid.  I mainly needlefelt figures of different Pokemon, because, again, I’m a total nerd.

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