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Friday, July 21, 2017

Charity Navigator Analyst Interview: Gillian Eigo

Charity Navigator Analyst Interview: Gillian Eigo

It's once again #FriYay, and we're keeping the Charity Navigator Analyst Interview train rolling with our next member of the A-Team: Gillian Eigo, aka Gill! Gill is an Associate Program Analyst, which means she handles a subset of charities that we rate here at Charity Navigator. She also has some super secret DIY skills that any adult would be jealous of!

What’s your favorite animal video?

Who let the dogs out
All of these puppers being let into the pool area, some of whom don’t even want to swim, they’re just really excited. I wish I knew where this is because it would be my happy place.

What’s the best part of working at Charity Navigator?
My favorite part about working at Charity Navigator are the bright, dedicated, and helpful people I’m lucky to work alongside.

What’s the best question about Charity Navigator that you’ve ever gotten?
The best question about Charity Navigator comes after I tell someone I work there, when they ask what I do. Once I explain, the response is almost always excitement. And then I answer a bunch of other questions they now have because they know what Charity Navigator does. Those are the fun ones.

What you love most about your role at Charity Navigator?
The two parts I most enjoy are speaking with charities who want to gain a deeper understanding of their rating, and digging into our data. We have amassed a HUGE data set over our years of collection and I love exploring that information for pieces we can better evaluate charities and ways we can more fully illustrate an organization’s operations.  

What’s your favorite office memory?
My favorite office memory was last year’s end of summer BBQ. There was a very cute puppy in attendance, a lot of yummy food, quality time with coworkers, and the announcement that one colleague was expecting a baby!

Which charity set are you most passionate about and why?
On a personal level, the environmental protection and conservation organizations are some of my favorites, both because my grandparents were very active in promoting and supporting environmental work and because of the desperate need for the work these organizations do.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about the charitable sector/non-profits?
I wish there was a greater level of understanding about the necessity of paying nonprofit sector employees at rates competitive with other sectors. Many nonprofits have understood this for ages, but donors don’t get excited about salary expenses, so it gets minimized. I think this is shifting as younger generations become donors, but it can be challenging when speaking with a donor who inherently believes nonprofits employees should be paid significantly less than those in other sectors.

Where do you see Charity Navigator in 5 years?
Right now, Charity Navigator is at an incredible flex point in our history, we’ve got an exciting five year plan ahead of us. Thinking about where that plan will take us, I see Charity Navigator broadening its reach in terms of the types of information we’re able to bring to donors and the types of donors we’re informing, as well as working to shift the focus from only financial and accountability & transparency information to include impact-related information.

What’s a secret skill you have that no one knows about?
I worked in a mom and pop hardware store throughout high school so I have more DIY home repair skills than the average 26 year old. I’m a pro screen and window replacer.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I too love your "dogs to the pool" video.
Dogs are wonderful and I actually want to request an evaluation of a dog-related charity: Mission K9 Rescue.
My husband passed away in January of pancreatic cancer, and because he loved both being in the army and animals, I'm considering giving his memorial money to Mission K9 Rescue, if it is rated safe/well.
Best of wishes to you in this new chapter of your life! Jeanette : )