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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Charity Navigator Talks Best Ways to Volunteer

Chicago GoCivic uBack Volunteering
Charity Navigator’s work has moved to help you figure out how to volunteer with different charities! GoCivic—a new initiative between uBack, a social impact platform, and The Chicago Leadership Alliance, a 501(c)(3) social enterprise—enables individuals in Chicago to connect with various charities and leaders serving the Chicago area. Charity Navigator worked with uBack to provide information about highly-rated charities in Chicago, through which uBack was able to create thousands of nonprofit profiles doing great work in the area.

GoCivic comes after Charity Navigator’s June report on the most philanthropic cities in the United States, Chicago ranking 11th among major cities. We’re excited to see GoCivic’s work with charities to help individuals find various ways to civically engage. A Built In Chicago article says that GoCivic will “provide users with schedules and contact information for local organizations, aldermen and chambers of commerce in 77 Chicago neighborhoods.” Connecting individuals and charities is a great way to build stronger communities and improve the world, as close to 63 million Americans volunteer annually totaling to close to 8 billion hours of service.

Charity Navigator has a few tips to make sure you have the best volunteering experience possible from our Guide to Volunteering!

  1. Find charities that match your interests: Start by figuring out what you hope to accomplish through volunteering with an organization — just like donating money, donating time is valuable! Identify charities working to achieve goals that match with your hopes, and use Charity Navigator’s search tool to create a list of charities that match your interests.
  2. Know your skills: Some organizations have interviews for volunteer positions, or even extensive training, to start working with them. Give yourself a self-assessment to match your personal goals with the charity’s work. Some good questions to think about are:

    How much time can I give each week, month, or year?
    What days and times of the week am I available to volunteer?
    What unique talents do I have that will help the organization achieve its mission?
    What tasks am I unable or unwilling to do?
    What do I hope to gain from the experience?
              Can I develop a new skill set?
              Do I want to meet people with similar interests?
              Do I just want the gratifying feeling of helping?
  3. Commit: Once you identify a charity worthy of your time and are offered a spot to volunteer, make a personal commitment. A reliable volunteer with a strong work ethic goes a LONG way towards helping a charity meet its goals. 

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