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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Leslie Knope: My 4eva #WCW

There are many things I want in life but the only one that seems to matter right now is this: Leslie Knope, star of NBC’s Parks & Rec, existing in real life and being my best friend.

giphy (1).gif

Leslie Knope is a dedicated public servant, a loyal friend, a waffle connoisseur, and a hero to many. In honor of Leslie, my dream best friend and forever “woman crush Wednesday,” here is a list of highly-rated charities inspired by her favorite things:

Galentine’s Day

giphy (2).gif

Parks & Rec fans enjoyed watching Leslie celebrate her female friends through an annual Galentine’s Day brunch where she presented them with gifts and affirmations. It’s no doubt that Leslie would believe strongly in the work that the Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program is doing to “inspire, motivate and empower at-risk women to live up to their full potential.”

This four-star organization has a unique program designed to help “at-risk teenage girls…turn obstacles into opportunities by providing the exposure, motivation, confidence and opportunities required to create a better future for themselves, their families, and society.”

giphy (3).gif

Leslie loves waffles and I’m guessing she doesn’t love hunger. But she does love good public policy. Hunger Free America is a highly-rated charity building a membership to “enact the policies and programs needed to end domestic hunger and ensure that all Americans have sufficient access to nutritious food.”

Moreover, the organization believes that hunger “drains our economy and tears at our moral and civic fabric…” — two things I know Leslie is not about.

Parks (and Recreation)


Although not directly affecting her fellow Hoosiers, Park Pride shares Leslie’s love a good park and neighborhood space. The organization believes, “...in the Power of Parks. Great parks have the power to increase our quality of life and strengthen the fabric of our cities… Great parks make our citizens happy, our communities strong and our cities sustainable.”

This four-star organization is working hard to transform the lives of residents in the Atlanta metro area by expanding access to local parks and making sure they are clean, fun, and safe spaces for families and neighbors to enjoy their city.

If, like me, you understand deep down that Leslie Knope, being a fictional character, will not actually materialize before you and be your best friend, I hope you will at least be inspired to find a little bit of Leslie in yourself. Whether it’s one of these great organizations or another one working in your community to address a need you care about, you can partner with them to make this world a better place!

Now, to leave you with a little bit of classic Leslie wisdom:


**This post is not sponsored or endorsed by NBC Universal or the Parks and Rec franchise.

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