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Monday, July 31, 2017

Charity Navigator Celebrates Summer Sun!

Charity Navigator Celebrates Summer Sun!

Summer 2017 has been going strong for about a month now and it’s great. For us in New Jersey (yes, Charity Navigator’s in New Jersey!), we’ve gone down the shore several times, we’ve been eating too much Italian Ice, and we’ve been working on our tans! While I have no doubt that summer is just as great in other states, today we’re celebrating what makes Jersey Summers special alongside our love for some awesome nonprofits.

The Jersey Shore
Our access to the beach is something we often take for granted. From Perth Amboy down to Cape May, we’ve got 141 miles of oceanfront. If you haven’t been to the beach yet, go! When you get home, help these charities keep our beaches clean and serene. (Also, check out Ashley’s blog from last week highlighting charities working to clean up our oceans.)

Italian Ice
If you haven’t had Italian ice, I’m sorry. Italian ice is not the same as water ice, sherbet, or sorbet. It’s sweet, frozen dessert that’s best served in a paper cup. There’s literally hundreds of flavors and it normally turns your mouth the color of the ice itself. Not surprisingly, Italian ice is an American riff on the Sicilian granita. These four star charities serve Italian Americans:

Jersey Club Music
Jersey club music started in the 90's. Not to be confused with Philly or Baltimore club music, Jersey club music is an awesome blend of hip hop and electronic and if you haven’t checked it out, please do! As you’re listening, check out these charities that love music as much as we all do: 

Fresh Produce
New Jersey is America’s Garden State and in the summer, we’re eating the greatness that is locally sourced produce. Here’s to farmers, eating locally, and eating your fruits and veggies:
  • The Farm School - Spend a year with us, launch a lifetime of farming
  • MA‘O Organic Farms - Social entrepreneurship, growing organic food & young leaders for a sustainable Hawaii

New Jersey is the most densely populated state with about 1,200 people per square mile. This results in a lot of cars on the road and a LOT of traffic. Believe it or not, traffic actually gets worse in the summer. The drive down the shore might take an hour, but with traffic, you’ll be sitting in traffic for at least twice as long. With this in mind, A BIG THANK YOU is deserved by all the charities who tackle transportation woes:

From waterfalls to mountains, Jersey is packed with great hiking trails. Hiking in the summer gets you your vitamin D, lifts your spirits, and is great for your overall health.

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