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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Charity Navigator is Back to School & Hooked on Phonics

Can you believe it’s already mid-August? Neither can we.

As the last few days of summer vacation wind to an end we’re right alongside you getting into the back to school spirit. Today we’re unpacking charities that believe in the power of reading to enhance our lives. From unlocking new worlds through books and stories to improving our career readiness, literacy is essential to our daily lives. There are many great charities working to expand literacy among our youth and their families. We’re breaking down four of them today, but you can find many more on Charity Navigator.

(For all the You've Got Mail fans out there! 😊)
Linking neighborhood resources to ensure that young readers are good readers.

Literacy, Inc.’s (or LINC) mission is to engage families and community members to support young reader in high needs neighborhoods in New York City. The believe that children’s educational success will create their path out of poverty and that the resources children need to be successful can be found right in their own backyards. They empower families and neighbors to take part in this process by working between schools and families. This highly-rated organization is committed to measuring the results of its programs and has proven itself to be highly effective at achieving its mission to help today’s children excel and create a better tomorrow.

Educating children. Empowering communities.

Developments in Literacy is a four-star international charity that manages more than 100 child-friendly schools in Pakistan. They provide resources to kids from preschool to high school, and are focused on ensuring every child has access to education. They offer training to teachers to help them develop techniques that will improve the education experience for their students. They are committed to helping children learn where they are in today’s interconnected world so they will be successful champions for their communities in the future.

...Literacy is a right that provides equal opportunity to achieving the American dream...

The mission of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, a four-star organization, is to advocate for and establish literacy as a value in every home. They believe that literacy is a right that provides equal opportunity to achieving the American dream, which every child deserves. They recognize that early access to educational resources, especially related to reading, are essential to helping America’s youth succeed academically and beyond. The organization also invests in low-literate parents to ensure homes are places where reading and learning can grow.

Changing lives one word at a time.

Literacy Action is focused on improving literacy everywhere. From schools to homes to workplaces, the highly-rated charity believes in the power of literacy to transform lives. Working in Atlanta, Georgia, the organization offers to literacy and English as Second Language courses for adults, as well as digital, workplace and family literacy programs. They are committed to empowering adults to succeed through improved literacy and, consequently, their children.

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