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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Top 5 Questions We Get At Charity Navigator

Top 5 Questions We Get At Charity Navigator

At Charity Navigator, we’re in the business of helping you. So, a lot of the work we do is to make sure all of your questions are answered. Below are some of the most frequent questions we receive at Charity Navigator and our answers for them.

  1. How can I request that Charity Navigator evaluate a specific charity?
    The charities that we evaluate at Charity Navigator account for over 40% of donations in America (aside from those to houses of worship). Even if we don’t rate a charity, you can still find basic information about it on its listing on the Charity Navigator website. If you’re a registered user of our site and the charity meets the Charity Navigator evaluation criteria, then you can click on the ‘Vote Now’ button on the charity’s page on our site to vote for us to rate it.
  2. How can I donate goods, such as books, cars, and food, instead of cash?
    Step One: Check out Charity Navigator’s Guide to Donating Noncash Items! Since the needs of charities vary from category to category, we recommend using the Charity Navigator website to find a well-run organization in your area. Then, using the contact information provided on each charity profile, contact the charity directly to see if the organization is looking to accept goods.
  3. Can I deduct all of my giving when I file my taxes?
    It’s not tax season, yet, but this question is still a great one. Big contributions that you make are hard to overlook, but the little contributions can also add up! If the money is going to help a qualified charitable organization, you get a deduction. Starting in 2007, the IRS requires written documentation to back up your monetary donations, so make sure you get a receipt for any giving you do!
  4. Why does Charity Navigator offer online giving?
    Online giving is a great way to have your donation reach your charity, knowing that you’ve made an informed giving decision. The information that Charity Navigator provides on our charity profiles is not just there to help you understand how a charity operates — it’s also there to help you make an intelligent giving choice.

  5. How did Charity Navigator decide to rate my charity? There are two possibilities for how your charity got rated — the first is that through Charity Navigator’s selection process of reviewing data obtained from the IRS, we identified your charity as meeting our criteria. The second is that a donor or member of your organization made a request that we evaluate your charity, and Charity Navigator elected to do so after determining the organization meets our criteria for inclusion! Take a look at our “Methodology” page to learn more about how we rate organizations.

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