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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Charity Navigator Asks Have You Ever Followed Up on Your Donations?

After making a donation, have you ever followed up to see the impact your gift had?

According to a survey conducted by Software Advice on how American donors wanted charities to engage after a donation, “An overwhelming number of survey respondents (60 percent) wanted to receive impact and success stories to show how their contributions were put to use. Seeing how their donations were used within an organization and the resulted outcome encourages donors to give again.”

If you provided your email when you donated, many charities will follow up with newsletters or year-end reports to communicate on their progress. If you donated to a charity using our Giving Basket, you can choose to share just your email address with the organization, if you’d prefer to not share your mailing address. If you gave anonymously, you can check the nonprofit’s website for reports and data on their work. Many charities will dedicate sections of their website to progress and impact, or post their annual reports. Both are good resources to learn more about the impact your donation had.

As a donor, it’s important to remember that change takes time. Allow the charity to assess the problem, develop effective solutions, and mobilize staff and resources. If you reach out, ask the charity about its accomplishments, goals, and challenges. After about six months to a year is a good time to check in with the charity to see how your donation was put to use, and whether the organization needs additional support to meet their goals. Such conversations will give you insight into how well the charity knows where it stands, where it plans to go, and how you can help further.

If you’re impressed by what they’ve done and what they plan to do, consider monthly giving. Knowing they have your sustained support to rely on means they can take risks and tackle bigger issues without worrying about funding. A long-lasting commitment to an effective charity you believe in can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. You can see the organization make progress on an issue you care about, and know that you played a part in that success. You are truly making an investment in the future, and you can be proud that the charity has to worry a little less about fundraising for their cause because of your generous commitment.

So, are there any donations you’ve made that you’re thinking of following up on? Or will you make a donation today and start a new relationship with a charity you trust?

Written by Taylor Duffy, Research and Development Manager at Charity Navigator.

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1 comment:

Joseph Hill said...

Just a question.... Does Charity Navigator have any mechanism for donors to request NO MORE 'snail mail' solicitations? Giving here is SO convenient and SO easy! Can you persuade the charities to which I donate to STOP wasting paper and postage and energy by continually sending me mail which I just throw out? I DO NOT need any 'free gifts' or note paper or address labels. I prefer to use the Charity Navigator site for ALL future donations.