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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Highly-Rated Pet Rescue Organizations

Each Tuesday, we share a list of ten highly-rated charities. A few weeks ago we shared our top ten dog charities. Today, we’re sharing our top ten cat and pet rescue organizations.

Big Cat Rescue (Tampa, FL)
Caring for big cats - Ending the trade as pets, props, and parts

Big Cat Rescue, founded in 1992, is an educational sanctuary devoted to rescuing and providing a permanent home for exotic (i.e. wild, not domestic) cats who have been abused, abandoned, bred to be pets, retired from performing acts, or saved from being slaughtered for fur coats, and to educating the public about these animals and the issues facing them in captivity and in the wild. The sanctuary houses the most diverse population of exotic cats in the world, with many species of wild cat represented among more than 60+ residents. Today the sanctuary is devoted to its vision of a world where animals are treated with respect, and its mission of providing the best possible home for the animals in our care.

Save-a-Pet Adoption Center (Grayslake, IL)
Finding loving, quality homes for each cat and dog in our care

Save-A-Pet Adoption Center, founded in 1972 by Gertrude Maxwell, is a no-kill shelter dedicated to finding loving, quality homes for each cat and dog in its care. Pets are sheltered indefinitely. Our shelter strives to create an environment which enhances both awareness of and support for the humane treatment of animals. We provide comprehensive services including: a caring and safe haven for cats and dogs, medical and behavioral assistance to mend broken spirits and bodies, adoption services, long term care for residents who are not adopted, community education, community leadership through alliances with other humane organizations, and community referral to low cost spay/neuter services.

Alley Cat Allies (Bethesda, MD)
The cats’ leading advocate

Founded in 1990, Alley Cat Allies is dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats. Our mission is to end the killing of cats and lead the movement for their humane care. Alley Cat Allies has charted a course set on animal control and shelter industry reform and humane treatment through activities including: advocating for pounds and shelters to keep public records of animal intake and kill rates, for public and mandatory government oversight, and for increased pound and shelter accountability; mobilizing and educating the public and leading the national movement to end the killing of cats and to protect and improve their lives; and supporting the efforts of, and acting as the national voice for, thousands of individuals and groups across the U.S. who provide humane care for stray and feral cats.

Pets in Need (Redwood City, CA)
Adoption is the only option

Pets In Need is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 1965
as Northern California's first "No-Kill" animal shelter. The Pets In
Need mission is to rescue dogs and cats that are in danger of being
killed in public facilities and find them new, loving homes.

For 50 years, our staff and volunteers have been committed to doing everything in our power to save as many animals as possible.
All animals rescued by Pets In Need are spayed or neutered, micro-
chipped and fully vaccinated before being put up for adoption. 

Pets In Need provides free spaying and neutering for the pets of all California residents. We receive no government funding; we are completely supported by donations from the general public.

Cat Care Society (Lakewood, CO)
The best little cat house in the West!

Cat Care Society (CCS) was founded in 1981 to improve the quality of life for homeless, injured and abused cats in the Denver metropolitan area. The Society's goals are: to sponsor educational programs that promote responsible pet ownership, humane treatment of all animals, and the elimination of pet overpopulation; to shelter cats in a healthy, cage free environment and to find compatible and responsible families for every cat; to provide community outreach programs that improve the quality of life for cats and people; and to be a friend to all cats. The shelter provides a temporary refuge for up to 45 adult cats until an appropriate and permanent home can be found for each. Veterinary care, premium diet and human interaction are lovingly provided.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando (Orlando, FL)
We speak. We heal. We care.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando educates, shelters, places, and heals pets and their families with compassionate, responsible care maintained to the very highest professional standards.

Pet Adoption Fund (Canoga Park, CA)
A non-profit, no-kill pet rescue and adoption organization in California

Pet Adoption Fund is an all breed, 501 (C) (3), Non-Profit, No-Kill Dog & Cat rescue and adoption organization founded in 1983, and it is located in the city of Canoga Park, Los Angeles county, CA. We are staffed primarily by volunteers, and exist solely on donations. Our mission is to rescue, shelter, and find loving permanent homes for the many wonderful, yet previously abandoned, neglected or abused companion animals. Since our inception in 1983, we have cared for, rehabilitated, and found responsible and happy homes for the thousands of pets who have come through our doors.

Pet Partners (Bellevue, WA)
Touching lives, improving health

Pet Partner's mission is to improve human health and well-being through the human-animal bond. Pet Partners is the national leader in demonstrating and promoting positive human-animal interactions to improve the physical, emotional and psychological lives of those we serve. Our 15,500 volunteer therapy animal teams make visits across the nation, and interact with a wide variety of clients including veterans with PTSD, seniors living with Alzheimer's, students with literacy challenges, patients in recovery, people with intellectual disabilities, and those approaching end of life. Pet Partners teams help people become healthier and happier through incorporating animal assisted activities into their lives.

Austin Pets Alive (Austin, TX)
Helping people help pets

Austin Pets Alive! fills critical gaps in Austin's animal live-outcome rate by identifying the key groups of animals that are typically euthanized in a shelter setting and maintaining comprehensive, innovative programs to address the problems these key groups face. Using best practices from around the country, APA! developed programs to care specifically for these groups, thereby reducing their staggering over-representation on euthanasia lists and directly increasing the city's save rate.

Pet Helpers (Charleston, SC)
Helping the community, one pet at a time

Pet Helpers is a private, Adoption Center and Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic that services communities across the Lowcountry. Our mission is to end the euthanasia of all adoptable cats and dogs by keeping all animals until adopted; providing low cost spay/neuter surgeries; offering humane education programs; pursuing animal cruelty prosecution; and initiating animal welfare legislation.

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While i love this post, it doesn't cover enough of the rescues. Living in the nyc area i can't share the post because nonemof the organizations are close enough to nyc for anyone to adopt from. However, i do know they would contribute but they still tendmto want to help the lical grpups first. Could you do one on NY/NJ/CT area rescue 1groups so i can repost to my page and any groups i work woth. Thanks.

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