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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Charity Navigator's Top 10 Charities with the Most Consecutive 4 Star Ratings

Every week, Charity Navigator brings you a list of 10 highly-rated organizations to inspire your charitable giving. This week we’re recognizing 10 organizations who continue to prove they are committed to excellence year after year. Of the more than 9,000 organizations currently evaluated by Charity Navigator, these organizations have received the most consecutive 4-star ratings.

Take a moment to check out this list of exceptional organizations and learn a little bit more about the work they’re doing to make our world a better place.

Energy Outreach Colorado
☆☆☆ - This charity has received 16 4 star ratings!
Helping all Coloradans afford home energy

Energy Outreach Colorado is dedicated to keeping Colorado homes warm, healthy and safe by raising money for energy assistance. We assist people in emergency situations by helping pay the balances on their utility bills. We also help limited income families to be more self-sufficient by funding energy efficiency measures that lower energy costs in affordable housing across Colorado. Through the Charitable Energy Network and the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP), we help those in need across Colorado. We also support Energy Efficiency Programs that provide long-term solutions to help needy Coloradoans control their energy use and lower their bills.

Institute for Justice
☆☆☆ - This charity has received 16 4 star ratings!
Litigating for liberty

Founded in 1991, the Institute for Justice (IJ) advances a rule of law under which individuals can control their destinies as free and responsible members of society. IJ litigates to secure economic liberty, school choice, private property rights, freedom of speech and other vital individual liberties and to restore constitutional limits on the power of government. IJ provides legal counsel to inner-city entrepreneurs, because their freedom to shape their own businesses directly affects their freedom to shape their own lives and communities. In addition, IJ trains law students, lawyers, policy activists and grassroots organizers in the tactics of public interest litigation and advocacy for liberty. Through these activities, IJ challenges the ideology of the welfare state and illustrates and extends the benefits of freedom to those whose full enjoyment of liberty is denied by government.

American Kidney Fund
☆☆☆ - This charity has received 16 4 star ratings!
Helping people fight kidney disease and live healthier lives

American Kidney Fund (AKF) was founded in 1971, to help a single individual with kidney failure pay for dialysis. More than 45 years later, AKF has become the leading source of direct financial aid to dialysis patients across the nation. The American Kidney Fund leads the nation in providing charitable assistance to dialysis patients who need help with the costs associated with treating kidney failure. In 2015, more than 93,000 people--1 out of every 5 dialysis patients in the United States--received assistance from the American Kidney Fund for health insurance premiums and other treatment-related expenses. Millions of people nationwide benefit annually from the American Kidney Fund's efforts to fight kidney disease through public awareness campaigns, free health screenings, health education materials and courses, online outreach, and toll-free health information HelpLine (866-300-2900).

Children’s Aid
☆☆☆ - This charity has received 16 4 star ratings!
Ensuring the physical and emotional well being of children and families

For more than 165 years, Children’s Aid has been committed to ensuring that there are no boundaries to the aspirations of young people, no limits to their potential. We know what it takes to ensure children and youth grow up strong and healthy, and ready to thrive in school and life: excellent education and health care, social-emotional support, and strong stable families. Today, we serve nearly 50,000 children, youth, and their families at more than 40 sites in four under-resourced neighborhoods in New York City.

NEADS World Class Service Dogs
☆☆☆ - This charity has received 16 4 star ratings!
NEADS World Class Service Dogs change lives

NEADS World Class Service Dogs (also known as National Education for Assistance Dog Services and Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans) was established in 1976. 

NEADS World Class Service Dogs are highly trained to:

* Provide independence and companionship when matched with people who are deaf or have physical disabilities, and also certain veterans who have PTSD
* Promote confidence and socialization when matched with children who have autism or other developmental disabilities
* Provide integrated therapeutic assistance when matched with caring professionals in settings like classrooms, hospitals, courthouses, mental health practices, and the ministry

NEADS has trained nearly 1,800 Service Dog teams from all states since 1976. Each year we train over 50 teams and hold two graduation ceremonies per year to mark the occasions.

Kids Alive International
☆☆☆ - This charity has received 15 4 star ratings!
Dedicated to rescuing kids around the world

Kids Alive International is a Christian faith mission dedicated to rescuing orphans and vulnerable children - meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, and emotional needs - raising them to be contributing members of their society and witnesses to their family and community. Founded in 1916, Kids Alive International began providing homes for homeless children. Since that time, Kids Alive has expanded to include not only children's homes but also care centers and schools. These programs provide orphans and abandoned children with an education, clothing, food, medical care (in some cases), and most importantly, the love of Christ.

PAWS Chicago
☆☆☆ - This charity has received 15 4 star ratings!
Pets are worth saving

PAWS Chicago is the city's largest no kill humane organization, focused on implementing solutions to end the killing of homeless pets. Since PAWS Chicago's founding in 1997, the number of homeless dogs and cats killed annually has dropped by nearly 80 percent: from more than 42,000 homeless pets killed in 1997 to under 10,000. PAWS Chicago is working to build a no kill Chicago - a city where pets are no longer destroyed just because they are homeless. PAWS Chicago will find new homes for nearly 6,000 homeless pets this year at the state-of-the-art Pippen Fasseas Lincoln Park Adoption, the satellite Glenn L. Felner North Shore Adoption Center and nearly weekly on- and off-site adoption events. The PAWS Chicago Lurie Spay/Neuter Clinic, the largest free spay/neuter clinic in Midwest, will sterilize more than 18,000 pets of low-income families this year.

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
☆☆☆ - This charity has received 15 4 star ratings!
Providing help, creating hope

Guided by God's love, Catholic Charities helps people in southeast Texas by providing caring, compassionate services and advocating for social justice in collaboration with parishes and communities.

Our Vision: People of Faith Helping People in Need Achieve Self-Sufficiency and Live with Dignity.

Our Impact Areas: Nurturing and Caring for Children, Strengthening Families, Supporting Refugees and Immigrants, and Promoting Independence for Seniors and Other Vulnerable Adults.

National Women’s Law Center
☆☆☆ - This charity has received 15 4 star ratings!
Expanding possibilities. Eliminating barriers.

The National Women's Law Center (NWLC): We are passionate champions of national and state policies and laws that help women and girls achieve their potential throughout their lives-at school, at work, at home, in their families, and in their communities. We are committed advocates who take on the toughest challenges, especially for women who face multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination and women who are low-income - and we make change happen. We are proud to have been on the front lines of virtually every major advance for women since 1972, benefiting women, their families, their communities, and the nation.

United Way of Central Alabama
☆☆☆ - This charity has received 15 4 star ratings!
Live united

Organized in 1923, United Way of Central Alabama is committed to increasing the organized capacity of people to care for one another and to improve their community. Our United Way makes funding decisions based on local priorities. United Way supports agencies and programs that work in this community to strengthen families and individuals. Our focus areas are helping children, youth and families; promoting health and rehabilitation; providing for basic needs and emergencies; and providing counseling and mental health services.

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